Entryway Sanitizing System (Doorway Foamer)

Key Features:

  • Simple to Install and Operate
  • Adjustable Foam and Delay Cycles
  • Manual Override Switches
  • Made Entirely of Stainless-steel
  • Comes with Assortment of Metering Tips for Precise Chemical Draw
  • Activated by Repeating Timer
  • Easily Adjusted for Maintaining Foam’s Presence in Most Traffic Situations
  • Creates Foam with Low-foaming Chemicals

Packers Chemical Entryway Sanitizing System (Doorway Foamer) features easily adjustable timer controls that regulate both the length of the foam cycle and the delay time between foam cycles as well as allow for adjustments to the timer(s) to automatically repeat the foam cycle at a rate that meets your facility’s traffic demands. If extra sanitizing foam is needed between foam cycles, just push and hold the manual override switch on the control box.


  • Sanitize HACCP Areas
  • Replace Existing Foot Baths
  • Doorways in Food Processing Plants
  • Barns, etc. for Livestock & Poultry
  • Loading Docks
  • Odor & Contamination Control (trash, offal bins, etc.)


  • Compressed DRY air only
  • Operating pressure range of 50-100psi
  • Water pressure range of 30-100psi
  • Water minimum flow rate of 1.5psi
  • Dual chemical pick-ups for adding foaming agents to non-foaming agents (such as chlorine sanitizers)
  • Pump fed (central system) models
  • Chemical minimum flow rate of 1.5gpm
  • Electrical 120VAC, Single Phase, 60HZ