General Cleaners

Dish Soap Thick, rich hand dishwashing detergent. Contains no harsh irritants.
EZ-310 Low-foaming, odorless enzymatic cleaner/degreaser recommended for cleaning walls, floors, and equipment work surfaces.
EZ-360 High-foaming enzymatic detergent designed for cleaning equipment, walls, floors and difficult to access areas. Effectively breaks down organic residues.
KC-100 Amazing Cleaner Plus All purpose ready to use cleaner – tile, floor, countertops, sinks, etc. Just amazing!
KC-101 Pine Cleaner Plus Pine oil based hard surface cleaner. Good for floor and bathroom cleaning.
KC-130 Low-foaming, automatic dishwasher detergent.
KC-204 Foaming additive with good hard water tolerance.
KC-225 Alkaline Solvent Cleaner with D-Limonene
KC-243 Aluminum safe chlorinated cleaner; sodium metasilicate to counteract corrosive action of caustic; high foaming. Economical substitute for KC-545.
KC-262 Polyfoam High foaming general cleaner, contains solvent, EDTA and high level of surfactants. This product is NSF Certified.
KC-266 Mildly alkaline high foaming powdered cleaner for use in high pressure spray washers or for soaking soft metals. Eliminates spotting due to hard water.
KC-267 Mildly alkaline high foaming general cleaner, excellent water softening capabilities, some solvent to aid in dissolving oily soils. This product is NSF Certified.